Midweek Football is like an unexpected £20 in your pocket…

Or even more crude, it’s like a blow job you hadn’t banked on. If you was Lee Hughes, midweek football would be an extra reason to get pissed up before, during and after the game. Simply put…we love it!

midweek-footballThis week brings us our first instalment (it may not be, but it feels like it) of Midweek Football. It is a beautiful occasion where many schedules are rearranged and pub visits seem to be deemed more acceptable on a Wednesday evening. Or if you’re playing football like the Dons are tomorrow, it’s an extension of that to go watch and place bets on the main bulk of Premier League games on tomorrow. It’s an exciting time, a time that we felt worth commenting on. With this in mind, we have put together a list of key features to watching Midweek Football…if we’ve missed any please feel free to comment and add.

  1. Get your excuses, reasons, plans in early for why you will be out Tuesday/Wednesday evening. Live midweek games tend to have a warm fuzzy special feeling about them. You wouldn’t want to miss that now would you?
  2. Make sure you check your Fantasy Team straight after Sunday’s game to make sure you can make changes that may ultimately win you the League in time. Tactical and practical. Two fundamentals of being a Don.
  3. Find out in advance which of the juicy fixtures will be placed on the Gogglebox. This would be essential for point 1, however we’re too excited to put these points in order.
  4. If you’re going to be rushed getting back from work and eating, make sure you place any bets online during working hours to ensure maximum thinking time. We wouldn’t want you to place a hurried bet on a Carlton Cole hat trick or anything.
  5. Do not set limits to your drinking. Yes you have work the next day, yes you may have had to drive, but whatever happens, happens. A great game could lead to 3 pints then your left in no mans land. Be that guy! But DO NOT drink and drive folks. Just drink. Vigorously.

With all these points now in your armoury, go and enjoy the shit out of the Midweek Football. All the best chaps.


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