The 5 Worst Misses in Premier League history

It’s a slow news day and FootballDons finds itself on a YouTube streak. You know the ones; where you start by watching highlights of the 2004-05 Champions League final and end up watching a talking Cat play the Violin.

…anyway, we thought we’d take a look at the 5 worst misses in the Premier League era:

5. Fernando Torres v Manchester Utd, Septemeber 2011

Picture the scene: you’re currently a £50 million flop. Your side is 3-0 down at half time against a major rival. Life’s pretty poor. However you’ve just scored a goal to give you a bit of confidence, a possible route back into the game and a chance to resurrect your time at the club…then all of sudden you’re presented with another chance, you skip round the keeper like a hero and you slot the ball away hit it horribly wide. Just what would have become of Torres is this had gone in? We’ll never know.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo v Sheffield Utd, November 2006

If this was a regular player who had done 1 of these misses, chances are they wouldn’t have made it onto this prestigious list. BUT. 1 – It’s Ronaldo so extra lols for the miss. And 2 – he misses two tap-ins in the same game! Extra points for that Ronaldo.

3. Park Ji Sung v Middlesbrough, December 2008

This one crept in, mostly because of the funny reaction from 1 particular portly fan in the aftermath. Still, a terrible terrible miss from someone who was probably too busy trying to concentrate on not falling forward due to the excess weight on his cranium.

2. Nwankwo Kanu v Middlesbrough, November 2004

Poor old Nwankwo. Despite being a fairly decent player and scoring that hat-trick against Chelsea, this is what FootballDons will always remember you for. It was honestly harder to miss this chance than score. In fact, we’re slightly impressed he has managed to hit it over from that far away. Maybe, just maybe, we should be praising Kanu for doing something physically impossibly by hitting the ball at an upwards tragectory of…na, it was just sh*t.

1. Ronny Rosenthal v Liverpool, Septemeber 1992

It had to be this miss didn’t it? Who would have known back then in the first month of the Premier League era, that this miss would still be the WORST miss in the last 20+years. Bravo Ronny, Bravo.


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